Ukraine... A country of rich history, situated at the intersection of the Eastern and Western worlds, on the edge of different civilizations and mentalities. Ukraine is a geographic center of Europe, one of the oldest cultures of the continent, the cradle of Slavic peoples. This is the land of vast steppes and majestic mountains, wide rivers and golden wheat fields, fragrant herbs and blooming flowers, the land where the heavy hats of sunflowers strain after the sun, where the wind chides in thick forests and the sky and the sea merge together on the horizon creating a wonderful palette of all shades of blue. Here mega-cities blind with the lights, reflected in the glass facades of skyscrapers, and just a few kilometers away one can easily find picturesque huts under thatched roofs.... So, welcome to Ukraine – the country of bright contrasts and miraculous discoveries!


Ukraine, the second largest country in Europe yielding only to France, is stretched on both sides of the wide and majestic Dnieper River. Divided by the artery of its greatest river geographically and mentally, Ukraine is incredibly diverse and full of contrasts and contradictions. Here Ukrainians and Russians, Greeks and Tatars, Hungarians and Poles live side by side.... Here in God they trust, but everyone has his own God. Here, everyone speaks two languages, although considering just one of them to be native. And how could it be otherwise if this country is situated at the very center of Europe, at the crossroads of many cultures and nationalities?


Ukraine holds many secrets, carefully stringing each century on the necklace of its history. Here the threads of history entwine to form a cord so labyrinthine that sometimes it is difficult to tell where history ends and legend begins. This land remembers a lot: the prosperity and decline of Kievan Rus, invasions of nomadic tribes, Mongol-Tatar Yoke, dashing Cossacks of Zaporozhye Sech; this land has survived two World Wars and some wounds have not been healed to this day.


Ukraine is a riot of colors, a variety of landscapes and a kaleidoscope of impressions! White seagulls soar above the waves of the warm Black Sea in the south, the snowy peaks of the Carpathians reach out towards the sky in the west, pristine forests spread out in the north and the bosoms of the east hold reserves of the “black gold” – coal. This is a country of beautiful cities, virtuosic architectural ensembles and marvelous landscape parks. The beauty of Ukraine is breathtaking: numerous golden domes drown in the lacy greenery of the hills and pure bell-ringing of ancient churches spreads under the high blue sky. Ukraine is proud of its endless steppes, fertile black soils, hard working and hospitable people and the unrivaled beauty of its women...


This land is freedom-loving and recalcitrant! Discover marvelous and ever young Ukraine – being a true woman she will win your heart forever! Visit this country and see for yourself that Ukraine is something more than just the Klitschko brothers and Chernobyl!